Targeting consists in evaluating the attractiveness of each segment in order to select target(s). There are three objectives. Firstly, targeting allows a more efficient usage of the resources. Secondly, the company can specialize itself in the target. Finally, it gives competitive advantage to the company. Only larger companies can be successful by targeting different targets.


Facebook's Targeting

Facebook is present and is leader throughout the world excepted in China and in Russia for reasons explained in the situation part.

Therefore, Every Facebook user is a target

Facebook Phone is addressed to each Facebook user. It does not appear suitable to target a specific age group or a specific psychographic type since everyone using Facebook is a potential Facebook Phone user. Targeting a unique specific target would therefore be a mistake. Indeed a specific target leads to a specific offer and consequently, this offer would not be addressed to all members of the Facebook community.

Everyone is a target. However, it appears suitable to propose different offers as a function of the different segments analyzed.

  • Geographical segments: Facebook Phone targets every Facebook user around the world. There is no geographical targeting.
  • Psychological and age Segments: In order to make Facebook Phone be for everybody, two different offers have been developed: Facebook Phone and Facebook Phone Pro.



We are releasing two offers:

  • Classic targets every individuals using Facebook 
  • Business targets companies which want to equip their workers with a smartphone and the individuals willing to have a high-performance device for work