Considering the segmentation and Facebook's will to reach the largest market as possible, including the emerging ones, it seems appropriate to offer a low-cost solution. This will also serve our young audience that has often no revenue and has to compose with their parents'. Moreover, it will perfectly fit with Facebook's philosophy to provide services accessible by everyone. Our goal is thus to offer a device that will not exceed a price of $200.

As we will see, this will not affect our customers' satisafaction in any way:

We clearly see in the Socio-economic and Demographic Segmentation that the main needs of Facebook users are

  • Instant Messaging
  • Photos Sharing
  • Like and Share content
  • Plan Events
  • Join Groups and Pages

Their objectives are mainly to contact friends and catch some news.

All of these features require little to nothing in terms of computing power. A standard 5 megapixels camera will allow users to easily take and share quality pictures on-the-go, as well as short videos.

Similarly, we analysed the main uses of smartphones and concluded that the most CPU demanding activity, gaming, is the least preferred with less than 45%. Note that most popular mobile games are totally enjoyable on a $200 device (Angry Birds, Plants vs Zombies, ...).

Other uses, such as SMS, mails, calls, web browsing, calculator, agenda, ... are easily achieved on a simple device.