Basically, Facebook is the actual leader in the social network market but there are a lot of things missing to ensure its stability, like the presence of a device compared to its main competitor (Apple, Google, Microsoft, Amazon). Facebook has been successful but is still highly dependent on trends. Now we have to find some strategies to counteract the fact that many users leave the website (privacy or parents control). The marketing plan is a main step to make the objectives clear and to ensure the company's development in the medium or long term. This marketing plan is based on a three years period, after which results and respect of the objectives can be analyzed in order to redefine and optimize the profits of the company. Besides, this planning requires an evaluation of the strengths and the weaknesses of Facebook activities on several markets. This will be established via a SWOT analysis in order to conquer the market. Our marketing strategy will be based on forecasting and on a segmentation, targeting and positioning work. The power of Facebook is its extremely precise targeting, explaining why many advertisers are interested in making their campaign on Facebook. You will find on this website a market study in order to develop a Facebook device and create a customer loyalty.