Introducing Facebook Phone.

Facebook Phone is the Ultimate Facebook Experience that will allow every single one to always stay connected with friends, family, and everything that matters.

Facebook Phone allows anyone to keep and share what is really important at a fingertip.


In order to fully satisfy our different users' profiles, we are releasing two different, yet complete, offers.


Facebook Phone Classic

Facebook Phone Classic is the basic version. This version's features will benefit to every Facebook Phone user, wether he chooses classic or not.The digital camera integrated in Facebook Phone allows the user to easily take pictures and share them on Facebook.



  • Facebook Phone Classic merges all of your messaging services into Facebook Messaging. The combination of instant messaging and 3G Network replaces SMS and allows free messaging around the world
  • Facebook phone's 5 megapixels digital camera provides a perfect integration with Facebook: On-the-go face recognition for instant tagging and sharing, Facebook Places with geotagging, ...
  • Your newsfeed integrated to the home screen, along with your favorite pages and RSS flux
  • SmartPlaces tracks nearby featured Places (restaurant, shops, ...) to provide you with the current discounts and start assisted navigation on demand

Along with Facebook Phone Classic come two variations of the Operating System:


Teenager Version:

For teenager, Facebook is a medium of self-expression and to keep contact with their friends after school. The teenager's main activity on Facebook is the instant messaging. The other important activities are sharing pictures and Groups.

Some features:

  • Customized instant messaging including video and group messaging
  • Facebook Jukebox to share music they listen to with friends
  • More accessible privacy parameters in order to share their life with other teenagers only. Parents can access and modify these parameters to protect their childrens without interfusing with their private life
  • Facebook PhotoSpace allows teenagers to easily make photo montage and personalize their pictures

Student Version:

Nowadays, Facebook meet students' expectations for leisures and interactions with friends. On the other hand, a clearly observed trend for Students is that Facebook is becoming a work tool. Indeed, more informations related to the studies circulate on Facebook. Students also share lessons notes and summary on the platform. To date, Facebook is not really suitable to this kind of interactions.

Student Version offers a remedy to this.

  • Organizer allows students to plan events, set deadlines or schedule exams. It also allows to organize group meetings 
  • Bureautic tools are easily accessed through Microsoft's Office Live
  • Facebook CloudShare, modify and print documents and files online thanks to Facebook Cloud
  • Easily catch news related to your interest, the Pages you like or a specific topic directly on your Homescreen


Facebook Phone Business

Facebook Phone Business will focus on providing Hardworkers and Companies the most efficient device in terms of Integration, Communication and Planning, to help them reach and transcend their top productivity.

These are some exclusive features:


  • Facebook Business Mail: Facebook Business Mail provides you with a complete and secureds intra-company mailing system, allowing to easily create lists and groups of communication, speeding up all the process. 
  • Facebook Planning: Facebook Planning allows everyone to schedule his personnal work and share it with the company. It easily allows managers to share their expectations with their collaborators. Moreover, it simplifies the entire organization by synchronizing everyone's agenda, providing a useful tool to plan meetings, in addition to Facebook Business Mail. HR and Partners need to meet? Facebook Planning will suggest you the best moment to do it, update everyone's agenda, and all you will need to do is to select the two lists in Facebook Business Mail before sending an email.
  • Accurate privacy setting will allow Hardworkers to enjoy their deserved rest once they return home. Set up your hours of work to avoid sharing your private agenda, configure your notifications to easily distinguish social life from business when you leave the office. Moreover, these parameters can be automatically updated by geotagging. Leave your workplace and you willgo in Private mode.
  • Ads Stats: Keep an eye on the audience and budget of your advertising campaign thanks to Ads Stats. Renew and modify your contracts, change your targeting, and more.
  • Facebook Cloud Enterprise: Share, modify and print documents and files inside of the Company thanks to Facebook Cloud. Increased security, storage, support and features.