Customer Behaviour

Smarphone Market

1.08 billion Phones are smartphones.

A smartphone does more than just make calls, as traditional phones do. A smartphone allows you to go on the internet at high speeds, access your email, edit documents, and download applications. They even run on their own operating system. Smartphones include Apple’s Iphone, blackberry, Android, among others.

In 2012, more people bought a smartphone than a PC.

For the first time, in January 2013, smartphones globally sales have outsold classic GSM

Indeed 216.2 billion smartphones have been sold between January and March. That represents 51.6% of the globally sales. The sales growth is over 40% in one year (March 2012).

One in seven searches in done on a mobile device





Smartphone and Facebook

500+ million people use Facebook’s mobile apps.

Over 500 million of the billion Facebook users use Facebook’s mobile apps.

Us survey reveals the same trend. Indeed, just over one user on two uses regularly Facebook’s mobile apps (on to three times a month and every day).

Facebook mobile use is outgrowing desktop use by 2:1






The amount of time spent on Facebook’s mobile site or mobile app has surpassed the time spent on the actual Facebook site

59% of people ages 18-34 social networking sites through their mobile phones

User prefers visit Facebook on mobile devices (laptop, smartphone) rather than on desktop

The survey realized by the group clearly shows that users prefer visit Facebook on mobile devices rather than on desktop. This is consistent with the fact that the mobility is important for the majority of Facebook user. Indeed, over 50 percent of the panel estimates that the mobility is important or very important while about 25 percent says that it is moderately important. Only 20 percent have answered that the mobility is not important.


Our survey shows significantly that user prefers mobile device to visit Facebook. A research realized by comes to the conclusion that more smartphone owners access their Facebook profiles on a cell phone than on a Desktop/Laptop/Tablet.

Smartphone owners check their Facebook accounts about five times per day. On the other hand, not smartphone users do it only three times per day.


Smartphone owners are far more likely to use Social Networks



Smartphone users behavior

More than half of smartphone users are ages 25-34

Nearly one third of smartphone users purchased their first smartphone in the last 12 months.



Nearly half of smartphone owners browse the mobile web several times per day.









Smartphone and Facebook, purchase and advertising

Nearly half of smartphone owners who use social networks say Facebook is the most influential social platform for purchase


Amongst the different social networks, smartphone owners mostly choose Facebook to connect with brands and product.




Mobile Shopping: 79% of smartphone users use their smartphone to help with shopping

Smartphone have become the ultimate shopping comparison. On the following figure, the main use of the mobile shopping are presented. Furthermore, 74 percent of the smartphone shoppers have made a purchase.

Mobile Advertising: 82% of the smartphone users notice mobile ads.

Half of those we have seen a mobile ads take an action. These actions are the following.

These statistics came from the following sources:

The survey realize by the group.

A survey realized by Edison in 2012.